SaladStop! Cebu

A new restaurant is now open and is redefining “fast food”. The orders are quick and they’re a healthy option!

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Food hypes or fads often pop out left and right, and usually they’re not as appealing as they seem to be. Most sound really exciting at first and then you realize they’re not that great. More often than not, they’re either not as good as they look or they’re not exactly good for you. But if you’re the type to just take pretty photos, then by all means go ahead.

A new wave of fad is making its way, though, and they’re oddly salads. Dare I call it a fad? Yes because it might be another short term thing but I sure hope it turns into a forever trend and a lifestyle people will adapt. Nobody really thought about eating healthily until it became a fad. I’m ALL IN for this. I support it 100% in every way. I’m not the healthiest eating person but I love my vegetables and I can’t happily eat a meal without my vegetables. I keep it pretty balanced and I’d like to see the people around me eat healthily, too.

Hail Caesar Salad Wrap

SaladStop! recently opened in Cebu. It’s the leading salad bar chain in Asia, with currently nine branches in the Philippines’ capital, Manila, and its 10th branch in Cebu City. The Desbaillets family who run SaladStop! started the first branch in Singapore in 2009, after they felt a need for healthier options in Singapore. The business aims to bring freshness back to the table, wherein customers can choose from over 60 fresh toppings along with a selection of 18 homemade dressings. Salads don’t have to be boring anymore!


Their #EatWideAwake movement is something that makes me happy, too. It takes for something big like this movement to encourage the community to choose a healthier lifestyle. They highlight the importance of nutrition and diet as they support the global shift towards a healthier lifestyle. They locally source the ingredients to make sure they’re fresh and make less carbon footprint.

Fast food chains are so accessible and affordable that it’s always the last resort for people who are 1) in a hurry 2) on a tight budget. Thanks to Salad Stop, now you have an option to skip the greasy pizza or that processed burger. It may not be as affordable for the Cebuano market but I think it’s #worthit. If you’re aiming to eat a healthier lifestyle, go for it!

STOP! And think about your food.

Tuna San


I absolutely love their Inhale-Exkale (yes, they do puns and is all the more reason to love Salad Stop!), but since I don’t like fruits in my salads, I substitute the grapes and apples with corn and capsicum (which adds a little kick into your salad!).

Hail Caesar is an easy pick especially if it’s your first time and you’re not willing to explore the menu just yet. Add extra roasted chicken for some protein!

Oh Crab Lah! Oh my gah! This salad has won me over. It’s a salad with a burst of flavors ❤ The Singaporean Chili Crab Dressing is a champion dressing.


Salad Stop in Cebu is located in Ayala Center Cebu (Level 4). Prices range from Php 260 – Php 400.

They also have branches outside of the Philippines:

  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Indonesia

2 thoughts on “SaladStop! Cebu

  1. I love their Hail Caesar salad. But I tweak a few things since I love fruits on my salad for sweetness and to make it my own. I switch the croutons for ripe mangoes, add extra grapes and add chicken inasal for protein. When It’s ready and the bowl is in front of me I say to it really softly… Hail Jitka:-)

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    1. Oh, we’re the opposite! I remove the fruits in mine 😀 I honestly tried everything before I got the hail caesar. It should have been an easy pick no? But I was feeling adventurous for a month. When I finally got it, I died of its goodness! Absolutely great place to eat.

      See you again soon, Jit!

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