The Perks of Staying at Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong is a hot destination for a number of things like the fairs and festivals, the colorful nightlife, the food (internally screams for egg tarts), and of course the shopping. Hong Kong is also the gateway to East Asia. The city never sleeps and it’s constantly flourished with visitors.

For Filipinos who travel out of the country for the first time, Hong Kong is an easy pick because it’s nearby, affordable to fly there, and it’s visa-free! For other foreign nationals, there are so many international flights that have connecting flights to Hong Kong so it allows them the chance to explore the vibrant city.

Photo by Dinis Bazgutdinov on Unsplash

You’d want to make the most out of your time in Hong Kong so picking the right place to stay and kick start your daily trips is important. Location is always key! Marco Polo Hong Kong offers you everything you need to make the most out of your trip. Here are the perks of staying in Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotels:


Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong has 3 branches: Marco Polo Hong Kong, Gateway Hotel, and Prince Hotel, all of which are located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. It’s walking distance to many local attractions like the Culture Center, Kowloon Park, and Space Museum, to name a few.

The three hotels form part of Harbour City, which is Hong Kong’s largest shopping complex with more than 450 shops featuring the world’s leading luxury brands.

A short walk (10 mins) to Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Tsim Sha Tsui station, you can efficiently and quickly get around Hong Kong to enjoy its top attractions including Ladies Market and Temple Street Night Market.

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

The Star Ferry and Hong Kong’s cruise terminal are at the footstep of the three hotels. The Star Ferry can take you across the Victoria Harbour to Hong Kong Island within minutes. You can also take the Star Ferry directly to Disneyland Resort Pier and experience the magic of the Disneyland and Victoria Harbour in one memorable journey.

Prince Hotel is located next to the China Ferry Terminal, where there are ferry services to Hong Kong’s fascinating neighboring cities including Macau, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan.

Staying at any of the hotels guarantees you convenience in moving around the city, as well as accessibility to plenty of top destinations!

Marco Polo Gateway_Exterior.jpg
Photo from Marco Polo Hong Kong


Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotels will never fail to offer you a wide array of dining experiences. Apart from the local cuisines, you will also have the opportunity to try out different international cuisines in their several restaurants. Try out their famed Cafe Marco buffet and their signature items like the Silk Road Iced Coffee, Tiramisu, and Blueberry Cheesecakes.

The Culinary Journeys is something that is built in the heart of the hotel chain’s mission. Apart from encouraging you to explore the locale, they also encourage you to let your palate travel the world. If you’ve tried dining at any Marco Polo restaurant, you’ll know that the quality of the food they serve is superb.

Marco Polo Gateway_Three on Canton_Grilled Lamb Chop.jpg
Photo from Marco Polo Hong Kong



The hotel chain is part of the GHA Discovery Program (Global Hotel Alliance), which was founded on the simple principle that the best travel experiences come from true immersion in a destination. The core of the membership (like every other one) is the benefits, but the soul of it is the local experiences. That said, you can expect to be assured that Marco Polo Hotels will make sure to offer you great local experiences like no other! They’re not all about the points. They make sure your experience reaches its full potential. After all, the hotel chain draws on the key philosophies of its namesake, Marco Polo – the traveler, explorer, and connoisseur of culture. Don’t forget to SIGN UP for the membership. You can also check out their website for other hotel members.

Apart from this, when you stay at Marco Polo Hotels during any festivity, you’re guaranteed the hotel has something prepared for you. For example, in Marco Polo Hong Kong, they celebrate the German Bierfest annually. The event has garnered the Gold Award for Hong Kong’s ‘Best Outdoor Events: Arts, Leisure and Entertainment’ at The Marketing Events Awards 2017 – proof that they throw the best events.

Authentic Bierfest Fun.jpg
Photo from Marco Polo Hong Kong


The Continental Club Lounge, which is their signature VIP lounge across all hotels, is something you can also choose to enjoy. If you’re a traveling executive, this is something that will brighten up your day. Need a space to relax before your business meetings? What about a luxurious boardroom with full meeting facilities? Marco Polo is your best choice. They also offer all-day refreshments for you to enjoy.

Soon, the Gateway Hotel will be unveiling an addition club floor room so keep an eye out for it!

Marco Polo Gateway_CCF_Board Room
Photo from Marco Polo Hong Kong


I mean, who doesn’t want to stay in a room with a view? Here, you can experience the jaw-dropping view of the Victoria Harbour with the beautiful Hong Kong skyscrapers. Part of the adventure in traveling to different places is to witness breathtaking views and this one is something you shouldn’t miss.

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel_Harbour View Room_Twin_Night

Traveling to Hong Kong soon? You know where to stay ❤

Explore. Discover. Experience.


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