Can’t find clothes that fit you perfectly? I have a little secret to share!

Fashionista is the last thing anyone will call me. I don’t have an elaborate style. I like simple, comfortable, and a little stylish every now and then. I grew up as a tomboy and I have to clear it up here that it does not mean lesbian (yes, I know a ton of people who think tomboy = lesbian). I dressed and enjoyed activities boys would normally like and still do.

I never always enjoyed shopping. I do from time to time but even then I have a one-hour limit. If it’s been more than an hour of looking around or buying stuff, I would start feeling tired and sleepy… then I get grumpy. I don’t have the usual patience and energy other girls would have trying to pick out an outfit. That said, if you look at my closet, the clothes in there have been with me for years.

Even in college, it was a hit or miss for my fashion sense. A guy once told me I had no fashion sense. When I look back at some photos, he was right but there were also days I cleaned up well.


My fashion style, if I were consistent, would have to more into boho chic as it also speaks volumes of my personality. I wish I could be more consistent but aside from having little patience for shopping, my body frame is not a typical Filipinos’. I’m a giant here. I stand 174 cm tall and have very wide hips so that discourages me from shopping. The dresses are long shirts to me; the pants are either the perfect length but can’t accommodate my wide hips or that they fit my hips perfectly but are too short. I can never win! It’s extremely frustrating to shop in the Philippines. They’re all kid-sized to me.


Earlier this year, a good friend introduced me to a place that is now heaven to me. My life saver. ATE by Tatah is a clothing store that alters their clothes to fit you just the way you want it to, just as its name suggests: Alter To Enhance. They have a set of designs you can choose from on their ready-to-wear racks. You can try them on and then have it altered if there are any changes you need!

Have wide hips but a tiny waist? Length too long for your liking? They can adjust that! Best part? You can just WAIT there for maybe 20 minutes until the altering is done then you can take your baby home. Time depends on how much change is required to fit you but you can get it on the same day.



If you find anything that’s too small for you or in a color or print not to your liking, you can have your clothes made from scratch with their in-stock designs. Match it with your favorite color or chosen print! In two to three weeks, your babies will be ready for you. Doesn’t that sounds just PERFECT?


Thanks to ATE, anyone can have clothes made to fit them perfectly and not have to hurt your wallets while you’re at it, too. They offer affordable prices for the quality of the products they make. I’ve probably bought so many clothes this year than in the 5 prior years altogether.

Thank you, Tatah, for creating this model that benefits everyone who varies in sizes. It’s so refreshing to have clothes that perfectly fit you. My blog was never to include fashion but ATE is my only exception. I will be updating my fashion section with my several ATE pieces, also featuring other women who have been #ATEfied.


Visit ATE in Axis Avenue, Vibo Place, Escario, Cebu City, the store above Birdseed Café. Open from 11 AM to 8 PM, Mondays through Saturdays. They also have a branch in #16 President Quirino St., Villa Aurora, Brgy. Kasambagan (near Sarrosa Hotel cor. F. Cabahug st.)

Get #ATEfied.


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