I can’t believe I went to GAOC.


I. Hate. Dentists. Ask my teeth who have now relapsed since because I wasn’t encouraged to take care of them. Instead, I got a series of traumatizing experiences from several dentists. My lower teeth are crooked again; my teeth were never in the middle; and I don’t exactly have the urge to visit the dentist regularly because all that information of what I need to do with my teeth have been clouded by fear and trauma.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever really heard anyone say they love going to the dentist. It’s never really something to look forward to. The treatments usually make you cringe because they aren’t gentle enough and trigger sensitivity in your mouth.

Do you hate the sound of them cleaning your teeth? Do you get anxious for ANY dental appointment, even if you’re not getting anything more than just a check up? Have you ever choked so much you couldn’t breathe while you were getting a cast? I’ve experienced all of this and more and visiting Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center (GAOC) was a little bit terrifying for me. I knew I was scheduled for a teeth cleaning since it’s already been a little over a year since my last time so I had to go.


So it begins…

Spacious, Modern, and Paperless.

When I got to the clinic, the first thing I thought was, well, this place is massive! Usually, doctor’s clinics are small, tight, and humid. Sometimes, you’d never even get to sit properly. In GAOC, there’s so much space. I’m a person who loves big spaces and high ceilings so this was definitely a great first impression.

I also noticed they had LED screens all over the place showing great videos of some dental work done on other people as well as their list of services. For registration, I was super happy to see they were going paperless. #SaveMotherEarth


Warm, Friendly Staff.

Then a nice, warm, and friendly lady comes up to me to start handling my appointment. You don’t normally get that with other clinic receptionists. They’re usually grumpy women who look like they don’t even want you there in the first place. And then she ups the game by offering me something to drink. For free. What? Where am I? Why are you so nice?

Private Consultation Room.

Shortly after, I was taken to a private consultation room (picture below) to start my session. It felt safe and warm but I still had a tad bit of fear and I could hear my heart beat. Dr. Relyn comes in and starts checking on my teeth. I noticed her demeanor was so warm and gentle, which is a good start. I started to relax a bit more. I told her about my previous experiences with dentists and she reassured me that they will handle me carefully. I started to trust them… a little.

As seen from outside the clinic. Don’t worry, they close the blinds during consultation!

State of the Art Equipment.

I then went to get my X-Ray in their laboratory and boy was I impressed again with the quality of their equipment. I’m getting world-class treatment with state of the art equipment. This really makes me feel like I’m in good hands. Joanne (I hope I remember her name correctly) was such a friendly staff who also took care of me while I was moving around the clinic for some tests.

X-Ray Machine


Jaw-Dropping Treatment Rooms.

Who said you can’t enjoy a dental treatment room? I was welcomed by a view! It definitely distracted me from all that fear. After I propped myself on the chair, I noticed two huge screens in front of me and on the side. Joanne asked me, “What music do you prefer?” Seriously, where am I? I stuttered a little bit in disbelief so I told her just anything would be okay. She then proceeds to another offer, “What about a movie?” WHAT. I can watch stuff while getting a treatment? Who does that? This is beyond me. I was so excited I kept saying no to their offer because I’m still baffled with the level of services they offer.

Some other little things that really impressed me and I think makes a huge difference in your experience are:

  1. The water for rinsing is mixed with mouthwash
  2. They offer a super soft and cozy blanket if you’re like me who easily gets cold.
  3. Giving you glasses to protect your eyes from splashes


Then my doctor comes in and has all these little gadgets to help explain and show my extremely bad case of teeth stains (thanks, coffee). Remember how I said I never got the urge to really do something about my teeth? Well, they just helped me changed my mind about it. They showed me through a camera how badly stained my teeth were and I was now more scared of how ugly my teeth are. I said, welp, let’s do this.

Gentle Dentists.

Along the way, while they were setting up a few things to start my treatment, I noticed they really talk to me and explain what’s going on. They also consider how you feel especially when you tell them, for example, you’re traumatized by getting a cast because previous dentists were forceful and cause you to choke. They help calm you down. They actually LISTEN to you.


When the teeth cleaning started, I swear that was the most gentle care my teeth have ever felt. I couldn’t have asked for a better dentist. They sincerely want to help you and that felt great. With my past experiences, I recall dentists telling me what to do but never in a manner that makes you feel they were sincere.

GAOC Dental

Now at this point I know you’re wondering how much the cost is. It’s definitely above average rates but if you’ve read my whole article, I can tell you it’s very well worth the money. I know there are others that are cheaper but if you’re like me who prefers quality, experience, and guarantee the dentists won’t add to my trauma, I’d easily go back to GAOC. For YEARS, I have been jumping dentist to dentist trying to find the one. Now I think I found it. Thank you, GAOC!


To know more about their services and rates you can contact them on their website or visit them at the 3rd Floor of SM Seaside Cebu. They also have a mobile app you can download and book appointments with! Can this get any more convenient?

FUN FACT: The SM Seaside Cebu branch is the biggest dental clinic in the country, according to one of the staff there! She gleefully shared this while we were touring their facilities.

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7 thoughts on “I can’t believe I went to GAOC.

  1. Gaoc pinakamaganda mga aparato at nakasigurado ligtas kayo Pag Dito kayo hieghtic gamit at safe kayo kalusugan nyo Kaya ano pa gaoc na


  2. Katulad din ng mga dental dito sa japan ganyan din ang treatment even sa mga salon nagoofer din ng mga tea drinks may free tv din ultimo lagayan ng slipper machine lahat ng aparato hightech kaya ng una akong matira sa japan nagulat ako and nawish ko na sana may ganyan din sa pinas kc mga clinic na nappuntahan ko sa pinas nung medyo bata pako eh di naman sa pagmamaliit masasabi mong cheap, kaya ngayun im glad may gaoc na din sa pinas nakakatuwa kc usually mga dental clinic satin ibang iba talga malayo sa mga dental clinic sa ibang bansa na magganda pati aparato at sobrang ayos ng treatment ng dr. At staff. Godbless gaoc and sana magkaroon din ng way like promo or affordable price na afford para sa iba na hndi kaya ang malaking halaga eh makatry.


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