How to Make a KILLER Guacamole

‘Tis the season to be jolly! For avocados are in season ❤

For my US readers, I’m told there’s no such thing as “seasonal fruit” in your land. However, here in the Philippines, it exists! For about a quarter of the year, we  unfortunately don’t have access to avocados. Actually, you can still find them but they are rare and during off season, they are priced ridiculously high! But during the season of avocados, we make sure to stuff our faces with it. All the possibilities like avocado ice cream, avocado shake, and of course, GUACAMOLE.



I was recently asked about my guacamole recipe and felt guilty because many times before, people have asked me to teach them how to make it and it’s been months since I promised to write this. To be fair, I’m not the best in making them but I can make a killer guacamole! It’s all about the seasoning! Let’s quickly run through this…

You can make it the simple way with just 3 ingredients:

  1. Avocados (duh)
  2. Lime/lemon
  3. Seasoning (salt and pepper)

Easy, right? All you have to do is mash up those avocados (you can leave chunks if that’s the way you like ’em!), squeeze in some lime or lemon (depending on how many avocados you’re making — play by ear), and season it with some salt and pepper!



But if you want a KILLER guacamole, here are a few things you can add to your recipe:

  1. Diced tomatoes
  2. Minced Onions
  3. Minced Peppers (espada/finger peppers)
  4. Cilantro (the sure way to make your guacamole extra special)
  5. Extra Seasoning (maybe some cumin or paprika!)

How can you eat Guacamole?

Well, you can eat it as a dip, you can put it in your salad (in fact, this can be your dressing), put it in your sandwich, put it in your taco or burrito (and add some sour cream, yum!), pair it with fish (tastes SO good), and you can also add this to your burgers to give it that extra punchy burst of flavor.



How else do you eat your guacamole? Write it down in the comments below!

Got some other tips to make a KILLER guacamole? Comment away!

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