Where to Eat in Siargao

Siargao to me is my home. I first lived in General Luna (GL) in 2015 and came back again this year but lived outside of GL. Things have been drastically different since then but the vibe still the same, you just need to know where to go. I was sad to see some places close down (happens quite a lot in the Philippines, FYI), but was also happy to find that more places have opened as well. Finally, more options for meals or coffee.

I remember before we would rush to Lunares Cafe early mornings to make sure we get a piece of their croissants. Good bread was hard to come by then. Now you have another place like Kawayan! There used to be also really just one place for legit coffee, which was Pleasure Point Cafe. Their coffee’s still as great as ever but now you also have other options if in any case you were further away from the area like Fili Beans next to Harana.

I’ve made a list of places of where to eat in Siargao, with specific dishes I’d personally recommend in each place. They’re definitely not ranked best to worst, I am picturing the map, starting from town and driving down to Cloud 9!

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Where to Eat in Siargao

Deli Street

If you’re craving for a proper sandwich with proper cheese and proper cold cuts? This is the place for you. You choose your bread, cheese, cold cuts, and other add-ons then it’s off for assembly. My personal favorite combo: croissant with beef pastrami, brie, and manchego.

Location: Purok 4, General Luna, Siargao

J&M Carenderia

Well, I’m not stuffy not to mention that there is an awesome karenderia where you can save some money but still enjoy a meal. Also great for tourists to try some local food! Newfound favorite? Their HUMBA, which is a pork stew similar to that of adobo, but better.

Location: Next to Big 9 Hostel, Siargao

Miguel’s Taqueria

Man, oh man! You’ve got to try their fish tacos. I don’t need to even say more.

Location: Next to Boyum’s, Siargao

Pleasure Point Cafe

I used to work here in 2015 and biases aside, they make some pretty mean breakfast treats and special desserts. Get their coffee, have a crepe, enjoy your morning!

Location: Purok 5, General Luna. Siargao


At this point, who doesn’t know Kermit, right? A lot of people rave about their food and rightfully so. They’re pretty awesome. My recommendations from this place, though, would be their pasta. Any of it, really. They’re all so good. There’s quite a lot of Italian options on the island but Kermit still tops in the pasta category.

Location: Purok 5, General Luna, Siargao



I unfortunately only got to try this place a day before I had to leave the island and I am really impressed with the food. They’ve got quite the variety of Filipino and mixed cuisines, highlighting their impeccable skill in cooking seafood! Definitely a must try. Good price, huge portions. Heads up: their salt and pepper dishes are SPICY so if you don’t like it spicy, specify it to the waiter.

Location: In between Kermit and Paglaom Hostel, Siargao

Kitya’s Place

Kitya’s spices up her menu with quite the Mediterranean options but I personally keep going back for her homemade ice cream. I find it the BEST on the island. She comes up with a number of flavors, too, depending on availability but the coffee and banana flavors are mostly always available.

Location: In front of Cemetery Surf Spot, Siargao

Trattoria Altrove

Okay, now, I understand that different folks, different strokes and there’s always a debate on who has the best pizza in the island. Again, this is a personal recommendation. I firmly believe Altrove has the best pizza on the island. Enough dough, amazing toppings, and very consistent with quality. ALSO, you have to get their dark chocolate gelato ❤ It’s. So. Good.

Location: Tourism Road, Siargao

Barrel Bar

Their menu isn’t extensive but there’s one thing that never fails to get me craving – the barrel chicken! Hands down the best roasted chicken on the island, perfect with the famous Barrel garlic mayo!

Location: Next to Isla Cabana, Siargao

Eco Garden

A haven for vegans! I’ve only been there once and tried their hummus and baba ganoush and both were fan-tas-tic! One serving plus their bread was already sure to fill me up. (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

Location: Resto/Bar Strip, Siargao


DSC_0103 copy


If you’re down for a nice chilled out time with some AC, Cocosurf serves good coffee and even better desserts! Must have their brownies and coconut cheesecake.

Location: Resto/Bar Strip, Siargao


You cannot miss the Vegan Burger here and the Coconut Pork Curry. It’s my top two dishes in this restaurant and something I interchange every time I eat there. The restaurant is a nice place as well to chill out in the day as you have a great view by the beach. For dessert, you absolutely have to get their banoffee pie. I never liked banoffee pies before but Bravo changed my mind!

Location: Resto/Bar Strip, Siargao

Homemade Taste

I personally haven’t had too many dishes from their menu but from what I gather from nearly everyone I meet who has eaten there, their curry is quite popular! I liked it a lot, too. They also have other dishes everyone raves about so go ahead and try them out!

Location: Resto/Bar Strip, Siargao

Yeah Yeah Tacos

I always get the soft tacos with chicken with everything on it. Great salsa, great tortilla, great everything!

Location: Resto/Bar Strip (in front of Fat Lips), Siargao

Fili Beans

COFFEE. Well, you don’t eat coffee but I can’t miss mentioning this place!

Location: Inside Harana, Siargao


I love spending mornings in Harana. Since Filibeans is right next to it, I get their coffee and order a lovely Filipino breakfast from Harana — either the Longganisa or the Tocino, both of which are made beautifully. Heads up to tourists: Filipino breakfasts come with rice and sweet meat! So if you can’t roll with that, they also have western breakfast options.

Location: Near Cloud 9, Siargao


If you’re craving for burgers, look no further. CFC offers a great variety of burgers, guaranteeing quality and flavor!

Location: Catangnan (after Cloud 9), Siargao

I hope you guys liked my article on where to eat in Siargao! Cheers to happy tummies!


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