Claypot Chicken Rice in KL Chinatown

I knew I’d love this already. This reminds me so much of my late brother. He loved hot pots before and he’d never fail to order them from Ding How Dimsum (or any dimsum place in Cebu). Growing up, we’d eat there almost every Sunday after church. It was all routine — we knew what we wanted. Over the years, I noticed he kept ordering the hot pot dishes and when I tried it myself, I was blown away by the flavors.


So when a friend asked to choose between some local, authentic Chinese food or the Claypot Chicken Rice for dinner, I knew exactly what to choose!

The taste was just like growing up, but better. I was in love with the dish.

Basically, the rice is cooked in a claypot over a charcoal stove for a distinct flavor. Later on, the meat and vegetable toppings are added before they mix it in with the rice right before they serve it. It’s quite common dinner dish in Malaysia as well as China and Singapore.

This is a good choice to end your day after a walk around Chinatown. You can order some extra barbecue dishes as well as they’re right next to a couple of other stalls. There’s also a Durian dessert stall across it.

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