Travel Essentials: What to Pack for Your Next Trip

Packing can be such a chore when you’re about to travel, especially if you don’t plan ahead. When going on a trip, we all want our luggage to be as all-inclusive yet easy to carry as possible, so make sure that you don’t forget all the necessary things you need and leave out all the unnecessary ones while you’re at it!

Having a checklist is one of the ways to make sure you leave nothing important behind. Here are some of the travel essentials you should have on your checklist:



Your passport should always be the number one on your list and we all know why it is important. Remember where you place them. Losing any kind of identification is one of the worst disasters that could happen while you’re on an adventure.


In this generation, so much value is given on our phones as it serves as our all-in-one device. It serves as our handy camera for taking great photos wherever we go, our torch whenever we need some light, our map and guide to our desired destination, our means of connectivity within our social network, our alarm clock in the morning and after naps, our music player, or even our alternative note-taking device from pen and paper whenever we want to write something down.

Make sure to clear up your memory and save ample storage for your upcoming photos before going on that trip, download your travel music playlist ahead along with some e-books, or even some movies and episodes of that TV show you’re currently watching for when you are bored or stuck in long trips.

BUTTTTT don’t let your eyes get glued on your phone screen for too long and learn to appreciate and keep an eye on your surroundings!  After all, you didn’t travel all the way just to spend your time on social media or to watch some shows when you know you can always do any of those back home.


A dead phone battery could be one of the greatest disasters while you’re traveling, especially if your mobile phone is your all-in-one device. Make sure to have your power bank fully charged before leaving and don’t forget to bring your cord with you!


Whether your trip is near water or not, a dry bag will keep your valuables safe from rain or drinks accidentally spilling on your bag, potentially damaging your gadgets and other valuables.


These essentials could make your trips way more comfortable. Keep an eye mask for the times when you want to take a nap while you’re on your way to your destination. Having an inflatable neck pillow would be awesome to save space. Moreover, don’t forget to bring your earplugs if you want to enjoy a moment of silence, or your earphones when you want to put on some good music.



Carrying tissues and wet wipes wherever you go is always a great idea. Always keep this on your carry-on in case you need it. Keep yourself cleaned up from that little stain you got from the food you just ate, or that splash of dirt you caught from the road you were just walking on, or even wiping off seats clean.


Don’t forget to stick with your basic skin care routine wherever you are. The heat and cold  could be pretty harsh and dry out your skin.


There are plenty of places with fountains or water to refill your bottle. Not only does this help you save money but it also reduces plastic waste!


Don’t forget to bring a sweater or jacket or anything that keeps you warm! The weather can be a little unpredictable sometimes so make sure you got these to keep you cozy on rainy or cold days. Also, when traveling in cities, public transports like buses and subways tend to blast their air conditioning at ridiculous temperatures.


I firmly believe that everyone should be #BikiniReady or #BeachReady. You really never know what opportunities will come — a pool party or an impromptu beach day, and you wouldn’t wanna miss out!


Sunny days, bad days, I-don’t-wanna-talk-to-people days… sunnies help in many ways you can imagine.



You can’t keep wearing closed shoes 24/7. You’ll need something comfortable for when your toes need to be free or when you’re at your place.


Instead of bringing a scarf, blanket, and a towel, having a mutli-use scarf could be very efficient! I use big sarongs to achieve this!


When you’re out traveling, you’re met with many different circumstances that could probably give you the flu or maybe upset your stomach. Think of where you’re going to and the possible scenarios you’ll meet. Pack medicines for headache, flu, fever, diarrhea, and pain relief. I think these are essentials you should have plus if you have other genetic conditions, obviously. I haven’t had an asthma attack in years but I pack a Ventolin just in case.


Some hotels and hostels (especially the cheaper ones) don’t give free amenities and this can get tricky when there is no store nearby to buy them. Pack tiny packets of basic toiletries like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. I usually don’t travel with them and just but off the convenient store or supermarket when I arrive in a place but just in case, I at least pack my toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash. I find oral hygiene to be my top priority!

NOTE: If you are traveling for some time, skip packing a lot of toiletries. You can easily buy these anywhere! Always remember to think: “Can I buy this there?” And if the answer is yes, leave it behind! 


Make sure to tick every box on your checklist so you leave nothing important behind! Take as many good photos as you can while you travel, visit as many places as you can, and most importantly, make sure to enjoy every minute of your trip!

If you have a travel essential you think everyone should consider, write them down in the comments below! ❤

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