Why Do Girls Color Their Hair? | Redefining Bold Moves

Someone I used to know told me that girls always do something drastic with their hair when something BIG happens in their life — and no, not the good kind. That person said he noticed a lot of girls cut their hair really short or color their hair crazy colors when something bad happens, most likely a break up. It’s cliche, but it’s socially evident that this is usually the case. Take a look around you. Enough number of people do something drastic to express dark emotions, or do something wild and adventures to compensate for them.

True enough on my last break up, a lot of my friends asked me what I’ll do next and somewhere in between they were able to weave in the question, “Will you cut your hair?”

And I also remember the first time I did something crazy to my hair (side shave and a little color on the tip of my hair), people asked me if I broke up with my then boyfriend. We actually didn’t and I just really wanted to do something crazy because I’ve had the same hair all my life… for the most part. 


Yes, sometimes people do drastic changes when they’re happy but that’s rarely the case. So here’s where we should redefine bold hair moves. Let’s not do it just because we have a broken heart. Let’s do it because we feel adventurous. Let’s do it because we want to experiment the different shades of beauty we can pull off. Let’s do it because we don’t need a bad experience to enhance our beauty.

I’ve always wanted to see if I could pull off bright colored hair, especially after seeing more women go wild with their colors, so when Mira gave me an opportunity to do this, I was very excited! I mean, the salon holds a high reputation for quality products and services. To be handled by them, I could expect quality results.

Another part of me was relieved because I’ve heard and seen nightmare stories of hair coloring gone wrong. Knowing I’ll be in good hands really made me feel like I could ease up and let Mira take care of my crowning glory. I decided on grey hair because I was afraid to go too bold right away. 


First thing’s first, though… BLEACH. Not too thrilled about this because I know how this can fry someone’s hair. On my first visit, we did two sessions of the regular bleaching and one session session of the milder bleaching. While Leo, my Mira hair stylist, was applying this (along with three other lovely ladies), he was discussing with me the different effects of bleaching your hair and understanding how it works so you know what to expect and ultimately know how to take care of your hair. I loved this part because I don’t think a lot of salons genuinely walk you through the process. 

I also overheard a conversation between an inquiring customer and the owner about a preference in product and I was impressed to hear something about an “organic” version and ultimately having what the customer preferred. 

I asked them where their products are from and they said that they have several — hand-picked from around the world, to make sure customers have the options for their preferences and options for their hair needs. 

MIRA Interiors 2

The entire experience was very comfortable. I think they’re the most comfortable salon seats my butt’s ever sat on. And even though I’m fairly tall, I didn’t struggle (which I usually do in many aspects of my life <insert sad face here>). Mira’s seats recline and raise your legs to a comfortable position so hours in the salon feel very relaxing. Even the seats on their hair washing sinks make everything effortless. It adjusts you from a sitting position to a position almost lying down and back up again so you don’t have to break your back trying to get up (perfect for someone with a back problem like me).

After the first session, they put a toner (temporary hair color) of pinkish purple. This is the best part, in my opinion, because I’ve seen people walk out of salons after a few bleaching sessions donning ugly orange hair and while some of them can pull it off, most can’t. Having this color made me feel more confident to walk out of Mira loud (quite literally) and proud.


Best part? I pulled off the damn color. Almost made me change my mind about my final color but I was still curious at how I would look with grey hair, especially after I liked how I looked when I cosplayed as Nymeria / Greywind (they look alike anyway) for the Game of Thrones finale at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel

On my second visit, we did a couple more bleaching sessions before the final color. They said the initial colors are usually darker because the color fades into a lighter color after a few washes. Boy, this whole journey has been exciting and the fact that your hair slowly reveals its final color is even more exciting.

Before I show my final hair color, I wanted to share that I planned to do some glam-style photo to show off the hair but I thought I’d just be myself and show my hair on a regular day because either way — glam or not, Mira’s work on my hair is fabulous.

Low and behold, my Mira hair.


I’m really fitting in my current East Asia trip. I chose a good color! Grey and pink are the top colors I see being donned by the ladies around me. 

What really sets Mira apart from a lot of salons is that they really assess your current hair condition and your lifestyle to make sure you do something suitable; something worthwhile; something that will stay looking damn fine on you even in the long run. 

They knew I was going to be traveling long term after my session so they made sure everything was in order and that I truly knew how to take care of my hair even while traveling. They really go the extra mile.

Hair Color.png

No, I didn’t do this because of a recent break up nor did I have a recent awful experience that I needed a “change”. I did this because I wanted to express my adventurous personality. I wanted to do this because I wanted to. 

There are so many different ways to express beauty and personality and I think this is a new way for me. At least once in your life, I think a bold move like this is a good experience. 

2 thoughts on “Why Do Girls Color Their Hair? | Redefining Bold Moves

  1. I appreciate you going for a more natural photo for your after! Glad to see it looks good when you’re in your element. Thank you so much!! 😀


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