The road to Survivor Island

For many months now, I’ve been wanting to visit the Caramoan Islands – popular for being a film location for reality TV show Survivor. Several seasons of the show from different countries have been shot there. Because of them, I saw picturesque captures of the islands and it made me really excited to go see […]

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Marco Polo’s Signature Six

Over the years, Marco Polo has never failed to excite me with their menu — from an excellent buffet selection at Cafe Marco, to a great set of cocktails at the Blu Bar, and of course, their to-die-for Malicious Cookies. Now they have officially marked their Signature Six; the 6 must-tries when you visit the […]

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“Naa diay binisaya nga salida?” This is quite the usual reaction I get when I share about the Binisaya Film Festival to my friends, grab drivers, and fellow Cebuanos. Only a handful of people know Bisaya films exist, and they’re usually just within the circle of filmmakers. Sometimes, they share about having seen Bisaya shows […]

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La Vie Gelatifrenchissimo!

To officially launch my site, let’s talk about one of the best things in the world — ICE CREAM! But wait, before anything else, what is the difference between ice cream and gelato? Let me spare you the time to google this and summarize it here: ICE CREAM – fluffier, churned faster, and heavier on […]

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