Cebu Craft Beer Revolution

Hallelujah! Craft beer is now widely available in Cebu and I can’t thank the heavens enough. You can now enjoy more varieties of beer.

But what is craft beer? I’m no cicerone but from how I understand it, craft beer is a lot more detailed and focused on the technique and flavors of beer. Hence, “craft beer“. Mass produced beers generally use additives and artificial flavors since these cost a lot less and make products faster, while microbreweries generally use natural ingredients with no additives to retain the full flavors you get from the ingredients. This allows you to really enjoy a good beer.


Craft beer doesn’t always mean good beer, mind you, as there are many styles of beer and it also depends on who makes the beers. The same goes for macro breweries, their beers aren’t always bad (hi, Guinness) as, again, it depends on who brews it.

It’s all a matter of preference, really. I don’t know about you, but I drink for taste so I thoroughly enjoy trying different craft beers I could get my hands on!

Since 2014, Cebu has slowly been introduced to craft beer, with some microbreweries opening up. Currently, there are a total of four in Cebu:

  1. Cebruery
  2. Turning Wheels
  3. Cebu Brewing Company
  4. Cebu Beer Factory

Now there are numerous places to find these local craft beers as well as regional and international craft beers! Some of the places are:

  • Handuraw
  • Craft Cafe Bar
  • Weekend
  • Brewer’s Kitchen
  • Morals and Malice
  • Joker’s Arms
  • Baguio Craft Brewery

Cebruery made their own beer locator so it’s a great way to navigate through the city (and country)! Check it out HERE.

I really have a TON of beers I like out there but here are a few special mentions from the local breweries #supportlocal :


  • Guimaras Gose (sour beer) – definitely something unexpected and different from the usual beers. This sour beer is just absolutely perfect on a hot day. Just grab a cold bottle of this and you’ll instantly feel refreshed!
Photo from Cebruery Facebook page
  • Las Islas Pilipinas Ale (IPA) – I never liked hoppy (bitter) beers. In fact, I avoided them until one day didn’t seem to mind the American Pale Ale. From there, I kept looking for something hoppier and I found that IPA is something that won my heart. I felt we belonged together.
Photo from Cebruery Facebook page


  • Backbone (double IPA) – Of course I wanted something stronger after enjoying a good IPA. Turning Wheels’ DIPA surely hit the spot for me, perfect with their quaint little taproom setting. Their taproom is closed until their new location opens up some time mid-November! Follow their Facebook page for updates.
Photo from Turning Wheels Facebook page


What are you waiting for? Hit the bars and open up your mind to discovering craft beer! Start learning to drink for taste; start looking at beer differently.


Start on the lighter beers so you won’t shock yourselves with the heavier / stronger (and bitter) beers. From there, you can slowly amp it up. Ease into it 😉


On October 27, join us at A Space CEBU for a craft beer night! Meet different craft beer brewers and enthusiasts and learn more about craft beer. Follow A Space CEBU for more details!

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